Paediatric Speech-LanguageTherapy Service

Denise Ibbett is a paediatricSpeech-Language Therapist who graduatedfrom the Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)with a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech Pathology& Therapy. She has 15 years experience working as aSpeech-Language Therapist and has extensive experiencein both the public and private sector. She has worked in theUK and in New Zealand with children who have a variety ofcommunication needs in a range of settings, including languageunits, clinics, schools for children with learning difficulties,mainstream schools and Kindergartens. Denise also spentseveral years working for Talklink Trust where she gainedextensive experience working with adults & children who arenon-verbal or have severe communication difficulties,requiring the implementation of alternativecommunication options(both high and low tech).

Denise is Hannentrained in the'It Takes Two to Talk'programme for earlylanguage development.She has training andexperience in implementingPECS (Picture ExchangeCommunicationSystem).